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How Do Women Make Their Clothing Choices?

How Do Women Make Their Clothing Choices?
Ever since the bygone days till now, there has been a wide range of internal as well as external factors that have influenced how women all over the world choose their attire. The clothing of women provide more than just warmth and protection. They also serve as a dynamic means to communicate & express identity. Let’s have an in-depth discussion about the factors that motivate the outfit choices of women, from the experts in our team at Sally K Boutique:
One of the primary purposes that women’s clothing serves is beauty, the ideal of which is interpreted by different cultures differently. High hems, tight skirts and deep V-neck blouses do not stray from the fashion of the female community anymore. Beauty is perceived distinctively by everyone, and that is why most women carefully pick whatever makes them look alluring & attractive.
Modesty has been an essential dictator of women’s fashion for many years. Throughout the world, there are several cultures who uphold modesty above anything else. For instance, Muslim women are expected to wear concealing & lengthy garments, often along with the traditional Hijab. On the other hand, there is no specific social policy enforced on the clothing of women in the USA.
The selection of clothing women are dictated by their position or status in a specific social group as well. For example, the tennis team of a college might wear matching skirts, whereas corporate executives would generally put on formal attires suited to their profession. Mention can also be made of elaborate robes that are a preferred choice of the tribal royalty in Africa.
Quite often, women tend to follow the fashion trends that are in circulation, such as those associated with hairstyles, designer purses and of course, clothing. Most girls and women shop for attires that match with the colours of the season. Some also go for outfits worn by celebrities.
Certain forms of fashionable clothing worn by women are reserved only for particular occasions & ceremonies. They include the traditional bridal gown for weddings, dresses for debutante ball society, evening dresses for formal parties held at night, and so on.
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